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sponsored by
Brunel University
Institute of Physics
The Royal Institution
Edinburgh Science
British Association
Daresbury Laboratory (Permanent)
Magnetic Coins and Non-magnetic Coins in Learning and Play
Ciencias y Artes

"Investigating Magnetism"

by Robin Willson, Patrick Riley and Daniel Harris, Brunel University 1995-2006 (ISBN 1-872166-38-5).

New Enlarged International 3rd Edition 2006

  • Included in the Magic Penny Magnet Kit (International, 3rd Edition) licensed to Dowling Magnets, California.
  • Sponsored by Brunel University, the Institute of Physics UK and The Royal Institution, London, with the support of Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale, the 14th Astronomer Royal.
  • This enlarged and revised 3rd Edition (64 + 6 =70 pages including inside covers), contains descriptions of 32 novel investigations with over 100 illustrations, much related information, questions to encourage enquiry, answers, and references.
Most of the investigations were completely novel when published in the First Edition in 1995. Those marked NEW are again mostly novel and are published for the first time in this 3rd Edition.

1. Mind Your Fingers
2. Stick, Stand and Squeeze NEW
3. Pyramids and Hexagons with Holes NEW
4. Maria Victoria Rose of Patagonia NEW
5. Fancy a Sandwich
6. Let Your Imagination Fly
7. The Eagle has Landed NEW
8. Lincoln Crown NEW
9. Lincoln Arch NEW
10. Expanding Iron Bridge
11. Nodding Bird
12. Balancing Pujol Diamond NEW
13. Dan's Toast Rack
14. Rocket Launcher
15. Hanging Around
16. Dangling and Swinging
17. Blow Spinning Olympics
18. Magnetic Rope Tricks NEW
19. Elastic Stretching
20. Levitating Pyramid
21. Wakey Wakey
22. Like a Rolling Cog
23. Intelligent Gears
24. Penny Balloons
25. Bean Can with Earrings
26. Latin Dancing
27. On the Tightwire
28. Up Ramps over Bridges
29. Knives, Screwdrivers and Spoons NEW
30. Invisible Forces
31. Push,Pull,Twist,Rock and Roll NEW
32. Seeking the North and South Pole

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    Front Cover of 3rd Edition 2006

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